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Natural fertility awareness
Natural fertility awareness is a natural method of fertility management based on observation of the signs and symptoms of the fertile and infertile phases of the menstrual cycle. Awareness of the fertile phase allows a couple to time intercourse either to avoid or achieve a pregnancy.

When learnt properly and couples follow the rules strictly, natural fertility awareness provides a very reliable method of both avoiding and achieving a pregnancy. It is not at all the game of chance many people think of when they think of natural family planning methods. This is based on sound science and thorough research. The best bit is, it is completely natural and is based entirely on your knowledge and awareness of your own body. You can free yourself from the pill!

Pregnancy and postnatal massage
Performed by one of our accredited massage therapists who have specialist training in pregnancy and postnatal body work.

This can be a treat, just because you deserve a bit of pampering or a treatment to ease some the aches and pains caused by the pressures of pregnancy. Post natal massage helps the body to return to its pre-pregnancy shape more quickly as well helping to iron out some of the aches and pains resulting from the pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

Because of the special conditions of pregnancy and in the immediate postnatal period it is important to use a practitioner specifically trained to support women during this time.

Preparation for pregnancy
Get healthy before you get pregnant for an easier pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and post natal experience. We can often help with fertility issues when others have tried without success.

Natural pregnancy care
A great adjunct to your hospital and visits to the doctor. We can often help you with so called "normal" discomforts of pregnancy when other medicine can't.

Post-natal depression and help adjusting to motherhood
For some it doesn't come easily. We can use natural therapies and an empathetic ear to support you through the often difficult transition to motherhood.

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- Krystyna Bernecka

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